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Brief listing of guidelines Empty Brief listing of guidelines

Post  Guild Master on Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:22 am

Ok here are some things to concider:

We are a Raiding Guild.

We are not a rp guild.

Do not ask for boosts for alts in guild chat.

No begging in the guild or outside of the guild.

Activity required. Players need to be active and and attend at least 2 raids per week.

Register to the forums. If you have not registered within one week (7 days) from joining, you will be removed from the guild. After you have registered, let commanding officer know that you have. You will be given the access to the members -area of the forums.

Do not ask for promotions. They are based on loyalty, activity and commitment to the guild. You will get promoted in time if you deserve it.

You are a part of the team and therefore you represent the guild in everything you do. Do not give your guild a bad name. No spamming or inappropriate use of any of the channels this includes trade.

Guildmates offer their crafting for free if you supply the materials. However, do not get items made for you just so you can sell them to make money without the crafter's agreement.

We are a raiding guild and you are required to know tatics and have all needed, regents, consumables (food, elixers/flask) and any other items that are needed to ensure you give your best at each raid. Failure to do so will have you not invited to the next raid and a mark placed against you. 3 marks and you are out of the guild.

Guild vault items are to be used for characters that are in the guild. They are not for characters in other guilds, or characters that are not in a guild. Do not sell guild vault items. If you are not yet able to remove items ask an officer or vetran raider. They will use their discretion if you can have the requested item.

<Members are equiredto have following addons (latest version):
- Threatmeter (any Omen -compatible)
- Decursive debuff remover.
- DBM (Deadly Boss Mods)

Looting pratices will be posted on main web site

Read full listing of guidelines at
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